Thank you for your interest in serving as a Healing Our Heroes Project (HOHP) volunteer!

Fill out an application here.

How can you help? Give your time!
Our volunteers are a key part of why our program is so successful.

Here are a few of the many ways to get involved:

  • Spread the word.
    Tell your friends and family about Healing Our Heroes Project and the work we are doing to honor our national heroes. Get the word out to all your online and personal social networks via (add the link for our FB, Twitter, Linkedin). Your efforts will help us to find supporters and families in need of our support.
  • Email a friend
    Contact your friends to ask them to support you in supporting US! If 5 people contacted 5 friends each and asked them to go online and donate $20, that would raise $500! (5 people x 5 friends x $20 each = $500) Tell your contacts about volunteer and donation opportunities with Healing Our Heroes Project. Or tell a military family about the services we provide.
  • Joining the club.
    We would love to speak to your club! We are happy to speak with American Legions, Rotary Clubs, Super Markets, churches of all denominations, and all other clubs. Many organizations are donating time and/or funds to Healing Our Heroes Project (Thank you!) Email us at to get started and to schedule a speaker.
  • Volunteer directly with Healing Our Heroes Project.
    Volunteers for one of our five dinners and retreats are vital. We will always need your help in serving our soldiers. Fill out the application or email us at