HOH Project Upcoming Retreat Schedule

(Schedule is subject to change based on availability of funding.)

MarshmallowAll retreats are held in Texas unless otherwise noted. Retreat dates may be added or removed, depending on available funding one month prior to retreat. Though we currently have a wait list, we encourage families to apply. Due to deployments and family schedules, we sometimes go through up to 25-50 names on a list to fill the available spots.

We will continue to host retreats until every military family who wants a retreat gets one. To apply for a retreat, please complete the Retreat Application. You will be contacted by a Project Sanctuary staff member shortly after submitting the application.

Currently Scheduled Retreats:
March 13-17th / 1st Retreat
June 12-16th / 2nd Retreat
August 21-25th / 3rd Retreat
September 11-15th / 4th Retreat
November 20-24th / 5th Retreat

You can also view upcoming retreats for Project Sanctuary. If you have attended a retreat at Project Sanctuary, you are ineligible to attend a HOHP retreat.

Fill out our on-line Retreat Application
Or, download and print the application (pdf)