Why Recreational Therapy Retreats?

We are often asked what the benefits of recreational therapy retreats. HOHP retreats differ from typical military marriage retreats in several critical ways:

1. Retreats are structured to give the family adequate time to begin to decompress, de-stress and really commence the healing cycle.

2. Retreats include the entire family (children and spouse)/support system. This enables the family to heal together with everyone understanding their role and importance to the overall process. Children’s programs at the retreat address the specific needs of each child while the parents are engaged in courses more appropriate for them, such as Healthy Marriage and Financial Peace classes.

3. No chain of command reporting eases professional concerns and allows for open and honest discussion. The candor allows for more truthful assessments of needs and current status and facilitates the identification of more appropriate needs-based solutions.

Recreational Therapy

4. Retreats are held in a secluded environment, without the interruption of cell phones, TVs or internet. We create a sanctuary, a place of healing outside of day-to-day responsibilities for families to relax and begin the process of self-improvement.

5. Encouragement is offered from individuals who can empathize with what the family is going through. Most volunteers are returning family members who are able to give peer-to-peer understanding and support while growing the network of families.

6. Participants are a mix of active duty, veterans, and wounded warriors and are from all five branches of the military, giving the families opportunities to learn of other services and coping strategies utilized from a wide base of sources.

7. Only a small number of families are allowed to attend each retreat to ensure that each family’s specific needs are met and to provide each family dedicated time for their situation and needs.

8. A comprehensive eighteen month follow-up program provides a continuity of service and support to give these families the best chance of navigating through ever growing statistical problems such as divorce, suicide, and child and spousal abuse.

HOHP is where the healing begins.

Our recreational therapy and supportive environment offer a constructive and unique way for our nation’s heroes to reconnect with loved ones and readjust to life at home. We use diversion therapy techniques through recreation along with classes focused on healthy marriage and finances. A licensed counselor is available at all times during each retreat.

We stay in touch with families for 18 months.

Military Families Retreat Designed To Relieve Post-Combat StressOur retreats help put families on the path to healthy, happy home lives, but that is just the first step in a long and difficult journey. That’s why we make a commitment to every family to continually offer support, healing and guidance for at least two years.



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